Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cork Stamp Veggies

I seem to be all about the handmade stamps these days and when I came across this cork stamp how to from Martha Stewart I knew I'd have to try it out! No cutting required with this one, just grab some corks, stamp away, and embellish the prints into fruits and veggies! Just check out that orange tag:

I really love how the texture in the cork transfers onto paper and turning the circles into fruits and veggies is just perfect for our start into spring! Just look at all the fun stationary, labels, and tags they've made:

Ooo! Those radishes are certainly my favourite and I totally want to get stamping and card making! How about you? What would you turn your cork stampings into?


  1. I was going to say peas in a pod, but Martha already thought of that. Of course she did. I guess I need to drink some wine.

  2. What a good idea. I have tons of stamps and should get them out and do something with them. ....Now where did I put them!!!

  3. These are SO FANTASTIC! They remind me of painting projects we used to do on the sides of terra cotta pots and such. Or with fingerprints! I like the idea of concord grapes, and of course I love the radishes.

  4. That is such a cute idea! I love the peas ^_^ Hmmm ... the only fruit I can think of to make (that Martha hasn't already done) is apples. Boring! But perhaps totally cute? ^_^