Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lion Doily Pillows

Even though my living room already has a bunny and two owl pillows, I'm pretty sure I need to make myself some of these doily lion pillows from flickr:


Aren't they adorable? What a brilliant use for doilies! I doubt I would ever have come up with this one on my own but now that I've seen it the intricate circle patterns doilies have make perfect lion manes! Plus march is the month of the lion and I'd much rather have these in my house than inclement weather! I'd be sure to throw my own little kate touches to my lion pillows though (with ears and, of course, little wide set eye smiles)! After all I do have quite the stash of doilies since I've been collecting them for so long now. What do you think? How do you think a doily lion would look on your living room couch?


  1. They are adorable!!! And they would look cuter if they were happy lions.

  2. How adorable! They could make perfect sheeps too! I Love doilies <3
    Have lovely weekend Kate (:


  3. I'm sure that I'll find out soon what a doily lion will look like on my couch. :)

  4. These are incredible. I love their pouty faces.

  5. I wouldn't put one of those on my couch, since I don't really like doilies and they're not my style. I do appreciate their grumpiness, though, and I'd like to see what you could do to make them cuter! It's also possible that a little kid would love a lion and lamb doily doll for march. Maybe lion on one side and lamb on the other?

  6. I don't normally like doilies, but I like these ones! I think I would dye them bright yellow though and make very happy lions ^_^