Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girls Weekend Recap!

So I am a bit belated with this blog post (since my lovely friends left ages ago) but I thought I would do a recap of our fun regardless of the timeline. It was so great of Lindsay, Sarra, Cindy, and Heather to come for a visit during reading break and it reminded me what great and unique friends they all are! Ok - time for the fun details!

Day 1 - The girls arrived early Thursday morning and the extra long weekend started off with an adventure. Lindsay's car mysteriously wouldn't start and despite our attempts (thanks Dad for making sure I always have a tool box and jumper cables in my trunk), it seemed hopeless. (Also - I stole some of these pictures from Sarra's instagram since, as always, I failed at weekend documentation.)

Luckily Sarra had BCAA so we got a free tow to the shop and a sweet loaner van. I really wish I took a picture of the van we got since it was hilarious on its own (complete with super unsafe non locking back seats and duct tape). It was the "Bobby Orr" edition so (obviously) Bobby was a suiting name for such a sweet ride. We did some grocery shopping and after the exhausting trials of car troubles we decided to stay home for the rest of the night. Bring on the junk food, weekend scheduling, and girly gossip!

Day 2 - We decided Friday would be the best day to do most of our shopping (since it wasn't quite weekend yet so downtown would be theoretically a little less busy). We had a slow start of a morning. I had decided earlier in the week that this would be the perfect opportunity to let my hair go curly since I had four lovely long haired knowledgeable ladies to teach me cute ways to put it up! Take a peek at their creation:

It was quite the typical rainy winter day so we layered up and headed out! Despite the wet, it was still a beautiful day - and take a peek at the nice view we had from our parking spot in the parkade:

We spent the majority of the day shopping around downtown and seeing all the delightful hot spots. We even did some drive by parliament viewing:

Day 3 - Saturday was much nicer weather wise so we did a bit more shopping and stopped by Fisherman's Wharf for fish and chips (gluten free!) and some stand by seal watching (somewhat like our drive by site seeing...but standing...):

It was a much nicer stop by the parliament buildings today too:

The ladies were so perfectly well suited to me that we headed back home early for an evening of crafting! Seriously! What could be better? Five girls and limitless creativity:

Cindy and Sarra played around with lots of jewelry making (after a few stops at Beadworld) and Lindsay and Heather were all over the Smoking Lily craft packs of fabric scraps. Look how excitedly Heather cut out that new glasses case:

I mostly just sat and sewed to help them out with their craftiness and boy was it ever a fantastic time! It did however leave the house in a state of disaster:

and left me with a bunch of amazing purchases:

Day 4 - Sunday came all too soon and we decided to go out for breaky at the Blue Fox to finish up the weekend. As always, it was delicious! Just check out the chilli mocha some of the ladies had:

Then just enough time to pack up Lindsay's car (which apparently had nothing wrong with it since it started at the mechanics....) and take one last group shot (thanks Fraser):

Oh what an amazing time with such amazing friends! I think I need to start renting myself out for weekends of crafting. Free accomidation and craft tips in return for some friendly company and hair braiding! Sounds great hey? Well, needless to say, I can't wait for the girls to come back soon! Hooray!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Your Dad and I are coming soon! xox

  2. We will be there for Canada Day!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Crafty weekends are the best ^_^ And also: OMG seals!! They are so cute! ^_^

  4. I think you mean the Legislature building, since I'm pretty sure the Parliament buildings are in Ottawa...

    Looks like a cool time! I'm jealous, and think you should be coming to the lake for Canada Day, since that's where I'm going to try to be!

    Can't wait for my trip to visit you! You like babysitting, right? Last night when I went to choir and left Jean with Neal, she cried inconsolably for 20 minutes, and even crawled to sit underneath the dining room table for a portion of it. Poor bean.

  5. SO fun!!!!! Loved it! I kinda wanna live there now!