Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome back Soot Sprites!

Last April I made myself a happy little group of soot sprites! They were pretty simple to whip up (just some black yarn pom poms with felt circle eyes sewed on with a french knot and some embroidery floss) and are just darling:

Much like my felt squirrel Earl, I hung my new pals up in our cute little house in Kamloops and enjoyed their company for months! When we moved in the fall the sprite pom poms got lost in the boxes and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that they finally made it back up! Take a peek at my view when you walk in the front door:

They hide very sneakily in the dark corner of the front hall and since it has limited natural light - capturing a good shot of them wasn't very easy either. It may be blurry - but I figured a close up was necessary to see their cuteness:

I figures since soot sprites like dark corners (and not out in plain site like Earl) I'd put the second grouping in the empty space in the hallway:

Hoho! It is a bit brighter for you to see them, but since I don't walk around looking up all the time (does anyone do that?), I often forget they're there:

Welcome back soot sprites! I hope you are enjoying your new digs!

In other news - it's my sister's birthday today! While I am spending my day working, aquasizing, and attempting to soak up the wonderful spring day she is probably chasing after one cute little baby and living in the wintry north. Happy Bday Les! and happy first day of spring!


  1. Happy Birthday Leslie! And on another note, I think those soot sprites could use some multicolored stars around them to eat!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm still in my jammies, and it's 1:30, so I'll take that as a good sign! I agree about the stars, too!

  3. I that you have chosen great homes for your soot sprites; I expect that, as you mentioned, people don't normally walk around looking up, when one does see them it would be a cute surprise! ^_^

  4. The real reason she looked for them to put up is cuz I came to visit!