Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Paper Flowers

Nothing perks up a room quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Unfortunately, like most living things plucked from their nutrient source, they don't last forever - they wilt and die (and becoming less perky and more depressing...). My remedy? How about some lovely handmade fake flowers instead? Oh, and not the bad smelling plastic type either - the oversized and paper kind! Yay! Paper n Stitch has a wonderful round up of huge paper flower DIYs over on their blog and I am particularly taken with a few of them. Behold:

DIY 1 - Giant Tissue Flowers! This seems like the most difficult of the tutorials out there and requires quite the list of supplies (including cement, chicken wire, and a 5" stucco corner). Negating the difficulty of this project, they are, truly, very stunning.

DIY 2 - Crepe Paper Roses! A bit easier than the tissue flowers, these giant roses originated from a Martha Steward project (of course...). I really like the bold colour choices and although I am not an overly huge rose fan, I do think they are quite amazing. Plus the tutorial has links for where to buy the slices of brightly coloured crepe paper too!

DIY 3 - Napkin Wallflowers! At last! A giant paper flower that I can make with tools from home! These babies are made with napkins (from Ikea in this case) and are wonderfully reminiscent of pom poms (much like the tissue and tulle ones I posted about a few days ago)! I really love the colours they chose and the instructions are so simple I'm sure I could master this one easily. I am a little weary of how much dust these flowers would likely collect...but otherwise they seem awesome!

Oh just lovely! I really like all three of these flowers and think they would be wonderful as party or wedding decorations! Or maybe part of an elaborate costume? Heck, we even have a few empty spots in our apartment that are perfectly suited for a bouquet of paper flowers! Oh my! Now which to chose...what do you think? What would you use your paper flowers for?


  1. Those are some pretty big flowers. It would be funny to have a forest of them for Jean when she comes to visit. I imagine that she wouldn't know what to make of them... Now that I think about it though, that seems like way too much work.

  2. I like the forest for Jean idea too! Though she's pretty small, so you could make them, like, a third that size and she'd still be impressed. I really like the Martha flowers, but I've never been able to keep crepe paper from getting wrinkled. That flower is amazing for the unwrinkledness alone!

  3. I love flowers in my home! I buy real ones sometimes, but I *do* love my permanent fake ones as well ^_^ I think the crepe paper rose is my favourite, but I am quite sure mine would look a little more, ahem, 'rustic' ~_^ I have made from roses from vintage book pages - the same kind of process but smaller. I also purposely crinkled the pages first to make them look older and inked the edges with blank ink - they turned out pretty well! ^_^

  4. Those are some fairly big blossoms. It would be crazy to have a woodlands of them for Jean when she comes to check out. I suppose she wouldn't know what to create of them... Now thatseems like way too much freat perform,I am very i impressed with your ideas so please keep posting on paper craft and paper flowers