Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March!

Why hello March! How lovely of you to pop in! As always, the months (and year for that matter) seem to be flying by and I am going to start my month off with some hopes for extra productivity! I'm also starting this month off with sardines:

I really love the vintage feel of this month's calendar page (and those lines and bubbles at the bottom!) Oh my! If you're not up for canned fish, how about cute paper craft snails instead:

I (admittedly) haven't actually made any of the fun Scout Creative cut out and shape calendars, but I do think they are adorable! Plus snails are so neat (just like slugs...but with shells)! Yay!

As for the rest of the month, I'm hoping for a surge of creative energy to carry me through my boatloads of projects I've got floating around in my head! I also signed up for Wild Olive's embroidery themed swap (so excited!) and I even have a new craft swap partner I am working on a fun surprise for! Hooray! Crafts for all! I've even got a few projects I've been meaning to take pictures of so I can share them with all of you on the blog. Yippee! Add a few bdays to the list and we've got ourselves one full month! How about things on your end. What are your plans for the month of March?

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  1. I plan on getting VERY VERY ANGRY AND POLITICAL about the stupid BC government and the way they're treating the teacher's union. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Also, it's my birthday, and anniversary, and Neal's birthday, and Jean's second half-birthday and all sorts of great stuff. POOP.