Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never enough pom

I am, and forever will be, in love with pom poms. They are such a wonderful craft with their kitten fluffiness and ease of construction! They are a pretty versatile craft you make tons of other projects with and you can make them out of just about anything (okay...probably not...but I was on a roll...)! When I happened upon Greedy for Colour's Tissue and Tulle half pom poms I knew I just had to share them. After all - you can never have enough pom right? Take a peek at their loveliness:

Oh my! I love the three colour combination and the great texture the tulle adds to the center of them. Plus, once you read the tutorial you'll see how insanely simple they are to make! (Leslie - once Jean is old enough to use scissors you'll have to loan her out to me for pom pom making weekends!). I like how they look almost flower like and think a bouquet of these would be stunning in a vase. Heck, I'm pretty sure I just convinced myself that my wedding bouquet may need to be crafted from pom pom flowers (for that non-existent wedding I'm planning). Haha! Or how about combining the tissue and tulle poms with the gift topper pom poms from paper n stitch's blog:

Slightly more practical than a bouquet if you ask me and still super fun! Hooray! Pom poms for everyone! What do you think? Are you up for some tissue and tulle poms?


  1. Pom coursages or boutonnieres?

  2. Oooo, pretty! I am really bad at making pom-poms (which makes me sad!) but I'd like to give these ones a go! Perhaps tissue paper would be more forgiving than wool? ^_^