Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what keeps you blogging?

Back in september, wild olive did a post asking her sponsors "what keeps you blogging on a regular basis?" which got me to thinking - why do I blog? I know I originally started it out after hearing from multiple reputable sources that it would be good for my crafty business because, after all, the internet is a competitive place and the only really unique thing I have to offer any internet readers is myself. I kept on with my blogging as a creative outlet and way to reach out to anyone willing to take a moment and glance over my ramblings and then did my "blog everyday in 2010" thing as a challenge my sister set out for me (which turned out to be enormously more difficult than I expected). But now that the challenge is over I'm determined to keep up with my regular posts and I think that katie of green bean studios illustrates the blogging appeal quite well (and I do love a little illustration):

Too true! I like using blog posts as motivation with crafting and as the ultimate resource for feedback on what crafty endeavors are worth while. I also really, really love that I have a handful of regular readers (like yourself perhaps?) and I'd like to think a few of my posts add a little delight and texture to their day! All this discussion does leave me wondering - if you blog what keeps you doing it? Or maybe if you are more of a reader than a writer - what keeps you interested in a blog? What sort of posts are you drawn to? I know I'm into pretty much everything (tutorials, music, crafty projects, decor, art, fashion, ailments, cooking, design - you name it) but I'd love to know what you think about things - so I'll pass the discussion over to you. What do you think?


  1. Fear keeps me reading your blog! Not really, I like to see what you are up to and to see how many spelling mistakes I can make when I post a comment. I hate it when I make a mistake and don't notice it. Mom

  2. I think blogging has helped me see my projects to the end. Taking pictures at different stages in the process and having to come up with something to say about it helps me keep motivated and focused... It keeps me on my toes: if nothing has been posted in a few days, I realize I haven't been working hard enough!

    Also (and I think I've said this before), your mom's comments are the sweetest thing!)

  3. Really? I challenged you to blog each day in 2010? Weird. I totally don't remember that. I do, however, remember challenging you do 21 days of yoga!

    I love how the the comic ends with a yay!