Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coloured chalkboard paint? Oh my!

Why just yesterday I was going on about the wonderful crafts you could make with chalkboards when I realized I was missing one important part of the project - how exactly do you get your hands on all these chalkboards? Martha to the rescue as she explains a quick and easy way to make your own chalkboard paint (in limitless colours too!)! Wonderful! And hey look at the neat wall calendar they made using custom coloured chalkboard paint:

Awesome! Looks like all you need to do is get a little unsalted tile grout and mix it in with your favourite flat-finish latex paint! Then you just slap it on the surface you want to chalkboard-ify, give it a little sand once it's dry and get to chalking! Sweet! Now back to trying to find some tree trunk cross section pieces to work with. Any other takers?


  1. I'm in love with that calendar.
    It's so amazing!!

  2. I agree with wallflower - it looks ace!!

  3. I'd never thought about making my own chalkboard paint! How cool :) I actually got some purple chalkboard paint from Home Depot a while back - it's pretty :)