Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it was a record year for rainfall - part II

In case you're just tuning in - I've been talking about the book I did for The Art House Co-op's sketchbook project. Yesterday I revealed pages 1-13 and today we continue...with a map of british columbia!

OoOo that rain gauge (aka the line on the back side of the pages) is starting to get up there! More rain on the coast! I really like this next page:

I wish all drains had eyes on them...

This next one is my mom's favourite. Leslie told me that I ripped this image off of someone (which I certainly didn't do intentionally - no photo reference for me!) but I'm fairly sure wellies and rain puddles are pretty common images...

And the rain keeps on falling! After all, it was supposed to be a record year for rainfall...

This next one is probably my favourite page of the entire book (also marking the half way point which I was super stoked about). Plus it lets me tie in more science! and bull kelp!

Behold a slight return of the b.c. map. Apparently I like to tie a little geography into my sketches.

I tried to do a few "real life" type drawings as well - but those expressive and cute rain clouds just keep popping in!

And the rain level just keeps rising!

Oh what a great page to leave the second installment on! I love that one! Tune in tomorrow for the final pages - same bat time, same bat channel (well...not really...but my life needs more batman references...)


  1. The dog with his tongue hanging out looks like he is having fun! He's so cute. Mom

  2. Where's Haida Gwaii on that second map of BC? Hiding behind the angry rain cloud, perhaps. I love the dog with his tongue hanging out too. I think you should make him into a pin-backed button!

  3. Your kitties are the cutest!

  4. I'm so glad that you completed your sketchbook! I remember your post showing its blank pages, not long ago...

  5. This is so neat! thank you for sharing it!