Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Restyle

Just in case you haven't heard of project restyle I thought I'd take a moment to tell you about it (and hopefully get some of you excited to start restyling!). Elsie (of a beautiful mess) and Rachel (of smile and wave) decided to hook up and come up with a fun thrifty project for 2011 encouraging you to creatively upcycle your heart out:

All you need to do is create something fabulous from something old, take some before and after shots, then post them on the flickr group! Each week they will chose a few of their favourites to share on their blog I must say I am already swooning over all the restyled projects. Take a look at their roundup of week 1:

If you hadn't guessed it the recycled jersey scarf is my fav (I've already done two posts on those - clearly I need to find a shirt and get crafting), but you must admit that olive green is fantastic! Plus it is super fun to give old items a new life - and you're doing your part for the environment (okay...not always....but I'd like to think so). I totally want to get thrifting and get creating! Any takers?


  1. I like the redone t-shirt too. Mom

  2. I think you should make one of those scarves for me in turquoise or possibly purple, and one for yourself in mustard! It's super cool. You could buy a cheap t-shirt from the superstore to make it out of if you couldn't find the right t-shirt to recycle. That's always the problem with these types of projects - the stuff that would make good starter material is usually still in my lineup of regulars!

  3. I'm so doing this! I have a lot of things around the house to upcycle!

    ps- I suck at blogging, and just saw your comment from September from the knot coasters. Both the twine and rope were from Home Hardware, and the rope was actually drapery cord!

  4. I am SOOOOO glad I saw this post!! I love love LOVE that scarf idea!! Thanks for posting it!