Thursday, January 6, 2011

make your own: owl lover calendar

Just in case you haven't taken advantage of all those 50-75% off calendar sales they seem to be having this time of year, my owl barn is offering a free customizable owl lover 2011 calendar over at their blog! The price is certainly right and you get to chose from loads of wonderful owl art 30 owl loving artists generously donated for the project! Check out a few of my favourites:

Owl lovers unite! And if you aren't even that into owls I still recommend taking a peek at all the faboulous designs - Everyone needs a calendar right? I love mixing and matching! Fun! Now the question is - how the heck do I decide on just 12 of the designs? Hmm...which do you like best?


  1. I'm actually not crazy about these owl designs. It's funny - I think I like owls, but these ones don't do it for me. Maybe I only like 3D owl sculptures...

  2. I must have missed your blog yesterday as I am an owl lover. There are quite a few around the house. (Okay, some of them are packed away but I still love them. Mom