Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since my sister and niece are still at my parents house on extended holiday break (lucky) I've been attempting to spend my spare time with them! This isn't the easiest of tasks since my life seems to be jam packed with work, chores, and the sketchbook project! (eep - deadline is looming - tomorrow even!) but the time I have managed to squeak in certainly has been adorable. Just look at how big jean is getting:

I've also discovered that jean really likes to put everything in her mouth...and drool all over it...even when in a jolly jumper (so cute!):

I think percy is jealous....

Boy does he ever look regal there! Maybe jealousy is the wrong word...he's more the type to scheme ways to get attention while remaining evil. Oh stinkums. In other exciting news I'm learning how to knit! Just check out that knit progress:

Haha! Yup! I've successfully made a loop for that knit bow I posted about a while back! And...that's pretty much as far as I've got. Mind you as jean's only aunt I feel my duties have been a necessity while she is here:

Just look at those little feet! Too cute! Now to get back to frantically colouring my sketchbook project! I'll be taking pictures of it once it's done so I can share it with all of you too! Even if my "sketchbook" sort of morphed into a "semi educational children's book"...Did anyone else manage to successfully complete one? I had no idea 80 pages of illustration would be so difficult!


  1. Percy is not as evil as he used to be! It is great having all this time with Jean and Leslie! Mom