Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manly Hobbies

After meeting an old friend for coffee the other day I got to thinking. He was telling me about how etsy inspired him to attempt (and epic fail) at amigurumi and how he figured it was predetermined that he wouldn't be able to figure out the fine detail of janpanese toy crocheting because of that Y chromosome of his. I certainly disagreed with this statement since I'm a strong believer of anyone being able to do almost anything they put their mind to, but there does seem to be a strong divide in the crafting universe. Why is it that some crafts are geared towards women and some only to men? This topic was further supported when I stumbled upon an article on man made diy (a site geared towards craft men...and apparently me?) on traditional manly hobbies (from model building and whittling to fishing and archery).

created at: 12/27/2010

The article seemed to solidify the fact that all humans need to get some level of crafty creativity out and no matter the media it is part of our civilization! It also inspired me to do more woodworking... Anyone else up for a gender bending craft revolution? Oh...and even though I'm not entirely sure my friend jordan even knows I write a blog I am determined to teach him amigurimi this year..


  1. Grandpa can knit (unlike you, hehe).

  2. yes please for a gender bending craft revolution. i tried teaching ivan to didn't go fantastically but he's really good at drawing and wants to learn to sew.

    oh, and if you have a sushi/star wars party...i will crash it :)

  3. Holy cow, that was a really cool post. I liked it because not only are there a lot of "Manly" hobbies I'm big on (Reading, Playing the Guitar, Ballroom/Swing Dancing, Camping, Letter Writing - okay, only occasionally, ha! - Hiking, Cooking, Cards, and blogging, of course) but there were a bazillion that I've always wanted to really do, too (Gardening, Backpacking, Fishing, Geocaching, Sports, Photography, Blacksmithing - oh god, do I want to be a blacksmith!).

    And yes, I want to see you do some gender-bending crafting. "Kate's ship in a bottle" would be AWESOME.

  4. My dad never went to kindergarten. My Grandma kept him home to help her cook, sew, and make soap.
    I think that is less crafty and more WW2 child labour but he can sew a mean pair of curtains.


  5. my two 20 something nephews are learning to crochet this year. It makes me so happy that they text me all their questions and send me pictures of what they have made! I agree, we all need to create!