Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Find: rayaveltman

I would really really like to add needle felting to my list of crafty hobbies but until I manage to stop time in order to learn how to do it I will have to settle for this week's find - raya veltman - a felting genius! Just look at a selection of her wondrous felt goodies:

Oh I just love them all! And those greys are to die for! After swooning over those colour popping acorns for a while I am reminded of a post I did back in june (link) that featured the etsy shop "lilfishstudios" which apparently makes the exact same felted acorns and heart ornaments. I then searched for "felted acorn" on etsy and it turns out that hundreds of people sell those things! They must be a hot decorating item or really easy to make maybe, either way I will have to keep my eyes peeled for acorns tops to collect for sometime in the future when I have time to figure out felting! For now I will swoon over raya's fabulous shop and her amazing items. So good!

1 comment:

  1. I heart the acorns. That's right - heart them.