Saturday, January 8, 2011

why yes, we are the same person.

The other day my friend lindsay sent me a link to a project she saw in country living magazine over the holidays. As it turns out it is pretty much the same project I posted about yesterday (which was pre-scheduled very much before she sent me the link) with a few alterations. Take a peek:

Why hello there pom pom flowers! Made of actual pom poms! Ooo! Clover pom pom maker made pom poms (which I now own thanks to! I am definately going to have to execute this project now, especially because I wasn't entirely sure what I'd use to hold the pom poms up and those little sticks look wonderful! I'm sure this project will be all about the pom colours I use so I will have to brainstorm on that a bit. What do you think? Will pom pom flowers be the cool new thing of 2011? I'm betting on yes...

1 comment:

  1. The next big thing... I'm not so sure. I'm thinking it will be sexy unibrows on sticks! Haha gross. Actually, these are pretty cool. I liked the felted ones too, but there are, as you've said, actual pompoms. Now I just need to get some of those pompom makers of yours... I'll be 30 in March. Hint hint.