Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally (it has happened to me, right in front of my face, my feelings can't describe it)

Back in the beginning of july I signed up for the sketchbook project, an awesome program where you buy a sketchbook, pick a theme, draw up a storm, and your finished book travels the US in a series of gallery stops! Sounds fun right? I thought so! So I signed up with wishful thinking of getting kick start on the project and...this is what my book was looking like just a month ago:

Yup. Intense procrastination and my busy crafting schedule meant no sketching for me and with a looming deadline I had to get my act together! So as soon as the holiday maddess was over I was onto exploring my sketchy creativity to come up with an entire "record year for rainfall" themed sketchbook! Hooray! So I've spent every spare moment for the last week and a half drawing, inking, and colouring and I finally finished the project! Behold:

Ta da! Wide eyed smile cuteness in rain form! Alright - so that isn't the whole book - it's just the cover but it is the truncated version! My project quickly mutated from "artistic masterpiece" into more of a "semi-educational children's super cute book" but since that very much still fits within the project rules, I figure I'm set! Here's another peek at it:

Woohoo! Just in time too! My sketchbook is currently somewhere between kamloops and brooklyn all ready to go on tour! And *whew* that last minute crunch was tough! I'd really love to see what the other sketchbooks look like but I'm not entirely sure how a trip to the states will fit in my schedule. Oh! And if you're dying to see how the actual pages of my sketchbook turned out, not to worry, I'll be sharing the rainy story on my blog over the next while (as in when I find time to blog about it all). Excited?


  1. looking great! I wish I could draw or do anything creative. That area of my brain is non-existent.

  2. I have seen all the pages in you book and it is wonderful - I loved the gum boots best of all. Mom

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  4. Oh great... now that song is in my head!! Hey, want to go to Seattle with me to check out that part of the tour?! I'm thinking of going. I think it's June! Did you scan your book and post the scans on the Art House Co-op site? I'd love to see yours!