Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Cardigan Flowers!

The other day while checking out the blogosphere (on bloglovin which I am absolutely thrilled beyond words about after my conversion) this wonderful cardigan flower tutorial caught my eye. I think it might be the dark grey/golden yellow colour appeal but this project is calling to me:

Isn't it awesome? And with a claimed 30 minute crafting execution time it is certainly a project worth taking on! As a huge fan of cardigans, flowers, crafting, and added detail/attention to my top half/small chested-ness I figure it is perfect! Now to find some un-fraying fabric and a cardigan to alter! Ok...that sounds a lot easier than it will probably turn out to be. I think I'll add it to my thrifting list (along with that grey pleated skirt that is still hiding out there for me and a really nice coloured tshirt for jersey scarf making)! Since I've already plundered all the thrift shops in kamloops I may need to make this a year long search...I'll be sure to keep you posted. Any other takers on the project?


  1. It looks nice but how many hours would it take to cut out and attach all of those flowers? Mom