Thursday, January 20, 2011

The search continues...

For the last few months I've been dying to find a nice gray pleated skirt. I figure it would be the perfect edition to my winter wardrobe allowing me to wear all those cute coloured tights I own (and never really wear) and the fun brown oxfords I bought in november (and also haven't worn yet...or even taken out of the box for that matter)! It would be nice and structured to go with the transition weather from winter to spring and would be knee length to cover my (almost always swollen and arthritic) knees (also conveniently avoiding any misinterpretation of trying to dress like a scantily clad school girl). Awesome! It's a classic style too just check out this vintage 1950's number wonderfully reworked into a modern outfit:

Heck! The other day when lindsay was making sure I am reading the sartorialist (which I do, not to worry) she showed me this spectacular outfit:

If the sartorialist has one it must be amazing! So far my searches has been a complete failure and living in a town with minimal shopping options I'm contemplating throwing in the towel. Then the other night I decided to pop in one of my all time favourite movies (bedknobs and broomsticks) and wham! There it is staring me in the face - yet another wonderfully perfect gray pleated skirt:

No wonder I've been craving one so badly! I think it is my subconscious telling me I need to be more like angela landsbury! My search motivation is renewed! I think I'll need to start combing the shelves at the thift stores to find this one but we'll see how that goes...Anyone have any gray pleated skirt finding tips for me?


  1. I think vintage and second hand are going to be your best bets unless you want to find someone who can sew one for you.

    I love the look of the second outfit. I'm thinking I may just have to visit some second hand stores for some skirts myself once the Bean's out and I'm back to my original shape

  2. I used to have one but it wasn't grey. Trends to tent to recycle. Mom

  3. Save your money and get one from a thrift store.