Wednesday, January 26, 2011

jean and mr. t.

When my sister had her daughter jean back in september I was thrilled to become an auntie and (as all good aunties do) be able to buy my new neice lots of fun presents! After all, buying kid toys is certainly up there on the "fun shopping" category and since I'm her only aunt I feel it is my responsibility to spoil her! One of my favourite buys was a gund corduroy t-rex I picked up in victoria (and had to fly with as carry on since he wouldn't fit in my packed suitcase). His given name (tristen) certainly wouldn't do so I renamed him "mr.t" and passed him onto his new owner when I visited jean in october! Jean wasn't overly impressed with him at 2 weeks old but leslie thought he was great and even decided to use him as size reference as jean grew! In fact, leslie has been taking pictures of jean each month she gets older and it's amazing to see the size difference (and increased cuteness) already! Let's take a gander:

One Month - tiny jean trying to shove mr. t out of the way

Two Months - getting bigger! and still not quite at that able to support her own weight stage

Three Months - mr. t is still a pushover (and baby jean sporting a threadless onsie)

Four Months - Crud! She's bigger than him already! and so smiley!

And...that's it. She's only four months old. But I am looking forward to seeing her progress into a full grown child soon! In the meantime I think this may be my favourite jean/mr.t picture so far:

Hehe! Rar! What do you think?


  1. Being an auntie is the best! When one of my nieces was 13-14 months old, I taught her to make this "bacaaawww!" shriek-like noise, which prompted a big belly laugh every time. To this day it melts my heart when I think about it!

  2. So cute! Definitely the cutest baby in the history of both cuteness and babies. Hehe

    I think Jean was trying to bite Mr.T on the face because she's cool like that. His bright orange toenails are pretty tempting for a chew also.

    I can't wait to see the other cool things you've got for her. You should have posted the picture of Jean chewing on the duck rattle you gave her too :)

  3. I love the idea of seeing Jean's growth compared with t-rex. My favorite pictures are of with Jean with Mr. T as she is slowly falling over. I must get those photos up so I can enjoy Jean and Mr. T every day. Mom

  4. The last picture is my favorite. She is very cute! :)