Saturday, January 22, 2011

woo hoo!

The other morning I woke up to find 29 lovely emails in my inbox. I was overjoyed with the prospect of a big sale day on my etsy shop and it was true! I had made 11 sales and had 5 email conversations from buyers requesting sold out items in my shop! I figured something must have been behind such a surge of sales so I went searching. The first thing I found was this wonderful tweet from style sister:

Fun! It links to an amazingly flattering little article on my cute science illustrated goods, which I am over the moon about! Nothing like a blog feature to start off the day. How nice!

As I continued my perusal of the tweets I missed while sleeping the night before I came across an even more exciting one - from etsy:

Forget the front page - all you need to do is get tweeted to get noticed! Oh and it coincides with a etsy status update on facebook too:

Woohoo! Talk about exciting! I can only imagine what the sales would have been like if my shop wasn't experiencing a post-holiday/out of stock lull (which I am working on by the way...). What an accomplishment! And boy! What an exciting jump in site visits (got to love google analytics):

It looks like that one little tweet drew a whopping 1835 people to my shop that morning! I figured that must have been a site visit record for me so I searched back on my site tracking history and...

Yup, it pretty much blew all my other days out of the water. See that little blip in july there? That was the day I got on the front page (and am still overjoyed about). I can't believe it! All over some scientist buttons! Now I'm on the crafting warpath and super motivated to get my shop restocked! However trying to balance life, etsy, and preparations for my second fabulous finds show in march is a little tricky! Alas. I'll just keep at it and see how it goes. Oh. and I also decided since the scientists drew so much attention to my shop I'd work on an expanded set for the near future...hold tight though! I'll reveal them when they're finished!


  1. Congratulations! what a fabulous way to start your day!

  2. Hurray for Kate!!! I can't wait to see your new scientists buttons! Mom

  3. That is amazing! all of those sales are setting you up for a nice retirement!

    whoop whoop!

  4. Awww, thanks for the mention!

    Science IS rad!

  5. W00t! That's totally rad. Hopefully my shameless facebook promotion helped too! Who knew twitter was so awesome. I'm glad the peeps at etsy have such good taste too :)

  6. Holy smokes! That is amazing!