Sunday, January 16, 2011

the grass is getting greener with you

Lately I've been in a music slump. With not much spare time to do much of anything I haven't had a chance to peruse the music scene or see any live shows. In fact (not that I think anyone noticed) I didn't even put up a january playlist until the 10th or so! (*gasp*)! Luckily my good friend grant lawrence (ok, he's more of an imaginary friend) and cbc radio 3 pulled me out of my slump with a lovely show anticipating the awesome new releases from some wonderful canadian bands (so excited for new mother mother and elliott brood by the way)! Hooray! New music for 2011! Grant also introduced me to the wonderful jenn grant, a halifax native whose pop folk wonderfullness is amazingly catchy (and much needed for my lull musical days)! The next day hannah georgas (another good/imaginary/"I wish I was that cool" friend) linked me to jenn's music video for "getcha good" and I was hooked. Talk about a deep down feel good fun video - take a moment and watch:

Doesn't it make you want to get all your friends and neighbours together for some homemade music video making? Well...maybe that's just me...but regardless I am totally swooning over jenn grant and her entire 2011 honeymoon punch album (parliment of owls is my second fav song)! Success! Musical slump no more! Now to go find some gum boots, a really loud stereo, and a corner to do choreographed dancing on! Who's in?


  1. Grant Lawrence is cool, but Rich Terfry is my imaginary radio boyfriend.

  2. The list is still in the archives here:

    Leslie would go for the rapper...


  3. Is that... is that a DODOS song in your music list!? How have I missed this!? I'm so excited!

    I'm such a fanboi. ;)

    And now I'm reminded that I still have a CD sitting here with your name on it that I haven't sent out yet! Mostly because I have no envelopes. I should, y'know, get on that, eh?

    Also, the Jenn Grant video is pretty awesome. Love the dance bit at the end, ha ha. If you like her, check out, Amy Wood!

  4. Kate! I've been RSS-ing your blog lately, and have to say that I went nuts when I saw your stuff at the KAG! My friend works there and I was in for the Bob Boyer exhibit. 'Twas tres-neat.