Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Find: Heart Felt by nina

Since I've been busy swooning over the idea of owning a gray pleated skirt I thought I'd feature a shop selling gray pleated clutches today! Fortunately these bags are actually obtainable (unlike that elusive skirt) and are available in the etsy shop "heart felt by nina":
Ooo! I love the subtle feminine shape with masculine thick suiting, the crisp pleats, and the wonderful button details! In fact I feel like that gray one in the top right corner is calling my name...but unfortunately I've tapped out my paypal account reordering massive amounts of craft supplies to prepare for my next show in march! Eep! Oh well, another time. What do you think?


  1. These are really cute- unfortunately I never carry bags... and have sort of a monetary problem since my little vacation last week :)

  2. They look great but I need a handle for my shopping trips. Mom

  3. I like the top right one best. Love button clasps!
    However I love the photos even more, those lovely red gloves make the bags so much more awesome.
    I used to think grey was boring and for old folk but now I love it. So much more fun to be had with accessories when you are wearing grey. :)

  4. I, too, adore subtle feminine shapes and details + monochrome, masculine suiting techniques and fabrics...