Saturday, January 29, 2011

More chalkboard paint please...

When I saw this rad wood circle mini chalkboard on etsy's facebook feed I fell in love:

It could be the use of all lowercase lettering (which I am quite fond of after all) but this has quickly made its way to the top of my "crafts I really, really want to do" list! Wouldn't it be awesome to make a series of them (say five - in different sizes) and then stick them to the wall in your kitchen or crafting are? Then you could change up your wall art with just a quick swoosh of some chalk! Heck - it could even be used as an organizational tool to help you keep track of your appointments or errands. So much fun! It sort of reminds me of the chalkboard speech bubbles they make over at red velvet art:

I've seen those all over the internet for use in photoshoots (in fact I saw one in a wedding photo album just a few months ago) and they look like fun! If you're feeling extra ambitious you could always add some hooks the bottom of a homemade chalkboard as key storage (that's martha for you - always employing genius creative teams that come up with these things):

Oh the ideas are endless! Now to keep my eyes peeled for some tree trunk slices! Oh...and a few hours extra spare time! Perhaps I should start working on crafting up a time machine while I'm at it. What do you think?


  1. The tree slices could be hard to come by, maybe there are some in the lake's wood pile that you could cut thin slices from. Oh, and then how do you cut them? Mom

  2. I always wonder how well chalk board paint actually erases. I like my clean slate to be clean not basically clean with hauntings of errands past. Did you know you can chalk directly on paint? Comes off like a gem too!

  3. I love chalkboards! So homey :)
    Great finds!