Monday, May 31, 2010

Stress Monkey of the past

When I was searching for things to blog about while amidst my mini break (and I mean mini), I came across a link to my old live journal account. Back in the days before I had even dreamed of etsy and blogging I, indeed, had a livejournal. I also had great aspirations to become a great webcomic artist! That dream lasted a whole month or so, successfully placing my cartooning career in a shallow grave along with that account apparently. Well - what better time than the present to dig up the past and share a few of my comic gems! I also find them quite suiting to my current situation, since although I am no longer a slave to school work, I am in a constant state of stress requiring said mini break at the beginning of this post! Hurrah! Here we go:

Comic #1 - "Stress Monkey"

My very first web comic! Way to establish a set style and character base kate! I remember a few people not really "getting" the strip so in case you're a little lost as well it isn't that complex. I was stressed out, dreaming of the days when I wasn't, then converting to full stress monkey form dreaming of the days when I wasn't as stressed out. Comic genius I know. I see no reason why this web comic ever failed...

On to comic #2 - "Things"

I think this was about the denial stage of university. By the looks of that scattered to do list (why yes, I wrote epic lists back then too) this was first semester of fourth year. No better time than to forget being an overachiever and dream about my grade 11 physics teacher. Man did he have a dreamy voice...

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past! I certainly did! And hopefully I'm enjoying some lovely post concert shopping right about now! Stress monkey no more!


  1. You had long hair! When did you growing out your hair? Mom

  2. Oops I meant short hair - talk about a typo! Mom again

  3. The second one rocks. Who is Mr. Smith?

  4. Ahh, Mr. Smith. I think he subbed in my Math 11 class for a while. He's got nothing on Mr. Yamaoka though...