Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'm sure I say this every month...but time sure seems to be at hyper speed theses days! July! Already! AAaaaahhhh!!! (I think quinn's kittens inspired by kittens inspired July calendar page says it better):

You know what that means? Time for me to buckle down for a summer of tasty veggie protein bbqs, loads of lindsay (hooray!), and butt-loads of crafting! I've been told my weekly craft shows at the bizarre bazaar are going to get super busy so that means lots of recreating goods for me! Plus my preggers sister leslie is coming to visit and that the weather might actually start behaving! Summer dresses galore! Yay! What fun things do you have for July?


  1. Camping! Starting in.... um... five hours! WOOOT! Also, classes to start, shows to see, and fish to catch (not likely!).

    No summer dresses for me, though. ;)

  2. I'm planning on freaking out on a regular basis and trying to make sure I get lots of baby geekery given to me.