Monday, April 26, 2010

Mail Box Bliss

I'm not sure if you're as enthralled by post as I am but mail pretty much makes my day (well...good mail anyways...). So I'm sure you can guess how I felt after running into this:

Hooray! Double parcels! For me! Gigantic ones too! (Please note how annoying Canada Post is and how easily someone could have swiped this) Yay! But it was sort of a mystery what that huge package was since I really didn't recall ordering anything that large. Under closer inspection, it was from the Canadian Broadcasting Company - meaning that wonderful lindsay must have sent our joint purchase to my house! Woohoo! Even though the majority of the goods were hers, it did lead to the arrival of my favourite new fantastic pin. Behold:

I can't wait to casually work this into some every day looks and attempt at becoming CBC Radio 3's biggest fan. Okay...I know I will never actually reach that status - but CBCR3 is pretty amazing! What beats free streaming amazingly talented and catchy independent Canadian music? This is where you answer, "Why yes kate! You are absolutely correct! Give me that link so I can be won over too!" Lovely. Glad you agree. Give it a nice listen then! (link).

In other news - lindsay and I do have some top secret CBCR3 related plans that might actually give us number one fan status...but I'll fill you in on that as it solidifies a bit. Oh, and if you're curious what all that other mail is - sit tight, I'll be posting about my plethora of parcels over the next few weeks while I frantically craft and organize up a storm for my craft show on may 1st! Exciting!


  1. It looks like we need a bigger post box. I like mail too! Mom

  2. I like mail! Too bad I never get any... neither does my poor neglected baby. He or she has NEVER received post. EVER!