Sunday, July 25, 2010

Biz Baz Recap and Road Trip: Kelowna

Being sunday and all I usually fill in all my lovely blog readers on how my craft sales went from thursday's bizarre bazaar. Well...this week my sales officially reached an all time low! Oh dear! But not to worry, I didn't sell anything because my craft selling was canceled due to extremely awful rainy/thundery weather! So instead I went shopping with my sis downtown! Nothing like some shoe shopping to cheer up the day! Please note the atypical rainyness:

What fun! And since I'm in the mood of the photo recap, I thought I'd share some snapshots I took from my kelowna trip I took last week with fraser. No rain that day - just super awesome summery heat! Take a look:

I contemplated uploading each of those images separately and then explaining each one but I think the truncated montage deal is a little bit better. Highlights of the day included the wonderful relocation of my favourite kelowna destination (funktional!), some great strolls through the culture district (including rad koy pond), and a wonderful sunday brunch at the boho! It also lead to some sweet purchases I'm extra excited about:

Who can resist Canadian crafted accessories, porcelain kitty salt and pepper shakers, and some crafty business reading? Not me apparently! I'm super stoked about all of these buys making the trip that much more memorable. Thanks fraser! Oh and thanks les for the canceled biz baz rainy fun day! Hooray!!!


  1. Of course you bought the lovely scarf that I hovered over for a solid 10 minutes!

  2. That's because we are the SAME person! Hooray!