Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bizarre Bazarre - vol. IV

My fourth week at the Bizarre Bazaar has come and gone and as promised (as always) I'm filling you in on how the day went! This week was the 40th anniversary of the Kamloops Arts Council and to celebrate we had loads of extra special biz baz festivities (i.e. bigger bands, more mini plays, extra seminars,etc) oh and cake! Woo hoo! This week I also got around to making a lovely attention grabbing (and awesome) pennant flag string for my tent! Due to time crunch I decided to make an easy one out of construction paper and string and voila - behold the glory of the pretty coloured flags:

I really like how it turned out and how easy it was! Nice and visible from the street entrance with a little pop of colour and following the sweet pennant flag trendy craft scene! It even matches the design of my "scientific culture" table sign. The ridiculous wind did seem to enjoy moving all the papers around so for next week I think I'll clear tape them into place (take that wind!!).

This week I also tried to stir up some felt flower brooch sales by sporting one myself:

Perfectly showcasing how awesome they look on cardigans and matching my cool breezy cottony tank/sweater/skirt outfit! Even though I thought this was a great idea I didn't manage to sell a single one and am wondering if the circle plate display thing could be improved somehow:

Any ideas? I'm sort of thinking they're just not tickling the fancy of the sort of customers the bizarre bazaar is drawing but who knows really? I'll have to give them a try at some bigger craft shows later in the year and see how they sell.

On to the highlights of the day (and photo montage time)! Some of my favourite things from this week include the gentle breeze (not epic destruction winds - I'll get to those in a bit) and the perfect 31 degree temperature, an awesome fashion show with BC made sustainable bamboo styles, the fantastic music of "just like that" (my dad would have loved this group), and a great visit from wendy - with cake! (I also appreciated the nice visits from fraser, jim, quinn, and lindsay - but there's no photographic evidence to share of those).

How lovely! Unfortunately the bigger crowds were more into the festivities than the craft shopping so I made a few measly sales (still greatly appreciated of course) and I spent the afternoon battling against the wild wind. It certainly made me appreciate the joys of the indoor craft show since I spent most of my time standing signs back up and holding onto my button cork board display (next week I'm clamping that baby to the table - great idea wendy!) and near the end of the day the wind sent my basket of plush microbes flying backwards and smashing the little white tea cup chlamydia was resting in (shown below with orange arrow):

Shucks! Worse things could have happened and the wind only really picked up for the last half of the day. Leaving my hands free for crafting all morning! Hooray! Successful love robot embroidery:

These little guys will soon be crafted into some more reusable coffee sleeves! Yay! This week I'm focusing on getting lots of crafting done to restock my table a bit and preparing for leslie's arrival! Leslie and I were also talking about making some scientific culture posters to spiff up the advertisement for the show which could be fun (and lucrative). We'll see!


  1. looks like a huge success regardless of slow sales! Just wanted to let you know that the dino buttons were a huge huge huge success with the Peanut's pals and also for her dino lovin' cousin. He's sporting a t-rex with very intense pride.

  2. I'm so glad the dino buttons worked out!

  3. I think we will make some epic posters. I am excited to stick them up around town too! Yay! Have you embroidered any love robots onto baby bibs yet? I know at least two people who would buy them. I'm telling you, baby geekery is the niche of the future!