Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome to the collection!

Last Sunday I had the most wondrous day with my best pal Lindsay. We seized the day, gave the sun a salutation (in the form of an extra long yoga workshop), and even had a nice healthy (and delicious) lunch! To continue on with the early birthday celebrations she had planned, I also received two pieces I am particularly excited about (and I did hint to on a post earlier this week if you caught on). Behold - my two new wheat themed pyrex dishes to add to my collection:

Aren't they wonderful? I've been blogging about my pyrex love for some time now and despite my best thrift shopping efforts have only been able to find two little bowls for my tiny little collection. Well! Now my vintage pyrex collection has doubled in size! Hooray! I can't wait to go to bake some (hopefully cheesy) creations in my new orange dishware! OoOo! Maybe someone will even invite me to a potluck! Best of all? They match my very first vintage find to make a complete pyrex trio (a dream come true):

I felt the need to do a looking up the stack shot of my dishes with the halo of light behind them was necessary to fully express my emotion and excitement about this present and I hope it does the trick for you. Now I just have to convince Fraser that it isn't weird to want to sleep next to your dishes and I'll be set! (Just kidding....) OoOo maybe Victoria will be a new found gold mine of pyrex for me to discover next month! What do you think? Do you have pyrex love?


  1. No pyrex love for me, though those are kind of cool. As for sleeping next to your dishes, I suspect you're only *sort of* "just kidding" hehehe :) Looks like a perfect present from Lindsay!

  2. Hi!

    They are great! There are almost no thrift shops here in mexico (Ive found only one and had only cloth) Sooo I will live my pyrex love through your experiences:p

    have a great day full of pyrex and cheese cake(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. Those dishes look perfect for macaroni and cheese. I will keep my eyes open for you.

  4. those are fancy! I love the pyrex --saw some awesome Green and white flowered stuff at Value Village the other day that boy didn't want to carry home with 8000 groceries. I have some fun stuff from my parents though--will have to share that sometime!