Monday, August 22, 2011

Artisan's Market - vol V

This past Saturday was my last run at the Artisan's Square Market and boy was it fun! I woke up to another gorgeous summer day and I once again got to set up on the warm side of the square. Even though it got up to 45 C by the afternoon, I was a little chilly (as usual) all morning so I sported a cardigan and scarf. I also opted for putting my hair up (finally it is long enough) and wearing some of my felt feather earrings. Ever week customers comment on how I should be wearing (insert random crafted item from my table) so I aim to please! Just check out how bright and cheery my display looked too:

Since Fraser was busy with much geekier things, Lindsay was kind enough to help me for the day and she is a natural at craft displays! Just look how rainbow-tastic she made my cabochon rings and earrings pop:

How lovely! Another big perk to the day was the amazingly delicious key lime pie my work mate Kathy made for me (you can see my felt earrings while you're at it):

Yum! Friday was my last day of work before the move/transfer to Victoria and after chatting with everyone about how much I love citrus pies and Kathy boasting about her amazing key lime recipe, I was left drooling! Kathy decided to go home and whip up a special going away desert for me and Lindsay was wonderful enough to pick a slice up on her way to the market in the morning. Doesn't it look amazing?

The verdict? Kathy does in fact make the most amazingly fantastic key lime pie I have ever had! We also splurged on a little farmer's market bannock to complete our (not at all) perfectly balanced breakfast! Nummers!

Oh! And we even got serenaded by some surprisingly lovely harp and cello music to make the morning just that much more wonderful!

To make the market even better (if I haven't convinced you of that already) I got visited by my friends Kylie, Cindy, and Heather (as well as the continual support and awesomeness from Lindsay). Each of the girls picked up an item from my table as well which was extra nice. Don't they look gorgeous?

As for sales, I did pretty well (I believe this was my second most profitable sale) which was lovely. I'm sure I could have sold a bit more if I had the time to remake some of my ever popular coffee sleeves, but time just didn't permit! Alas.

Now that the crafty markets are done for the summer I'm shipping off loads of my goods to consignment shops to keep up with the selling (with limited effort on my part). Now I've got five days (including today) to pack up my entire life (EEP!) and get ready for the move this upcoming Saturday! Ack! Anyone want to come over and pack some boxes for me?


  1. Hi!

    That pie look soo delicious! And I love rainbow displays I always try to do it with my octopuses(: Youe rings look so beautiful i really want one ( I collect rings:p)
    Im glad you did well and have fun(:

    Hope you have an awesome day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. I guess I will since you are coming over any minute now to pack up the stuff in my basement.

  3. The pie looks to die for, and Lindsay did do a really great job on your rings etc. Hire that woman and take her with you!

    Hope the packing goes well! I can't believe you left only 5 days... Neal and I have started packing already and we move at the end of September or beginning of October! You're brave!

  4. I love your displays. I'm so not creative when it comes to that kind of stuff. I need help! I love the way you displayed your rings. I might have to find something similar. :)

  5. Stealing this picture for my profile. I do look tan!