Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Big Move!

Moving is always a ton of work. Sure you' think all that furniture, kitchen goodies, clothes, and craft supplies weren't too bad to pack (I did have some wonderful helpers) but when it comes to unpacking and settling in, our move this past September has been a long process. In fact, we're still not completely settled! Ack! But we have come a long way from a yard full of belongings in Kamloops:

What a beautiful sunny day that was and how pleasant to have our Dads there to lend an experienced hand! Lindsay even stopped by to assist and she stated how hilariously disheveled all of our crap looked out:

Whew! Then it was just a ton of loading, driving, and a ferry and we had made it. Goodbye little old Kamloops house and hello to Victoria apartment living:

Isn't that a swell looking place? I love our huge deck and although it is wintry now we do get some wonderful morning sun and I've managed to keep the little garden boxes under control too! Then we just had to fit all that crap into the new place. Good thing it is so spacious! Check out the living area:

Quite the upgrade from our teeny tiny little living space in our old house and the kitchen is a dream:

Doesn't it look nice? I still can't get over how sweet it is to have a dishwasher. Add in the two bathrooms, neutral clean colours, and fresh flooring and you've got one heck of a condo! Oh and don't forget the ample closet space:

Okay, so we've settled in a bit more than the pictures lead on (i.e. there is actually furniture in the rooms now), but we've still got a few finishing touches to do before it really starts to feel like home. Oh, and it doesn't help that every weekend Fraser and I seem to migrate to the ocean for a nice stroll:

Nope. Boxes do not actually unpack themselves, no matter how much I'd like them to. I figure once the winter non-stop rain starts I'll be more willing to stay inside and get the place organized (when the beach will be someone less appealing). I mostly just have my craft room and paperwork left to unpack (very manageable) and then have to figure out where to put our paintings. Hmm...any unpacking/new condo tips for me? Does anyone else take 3 months to move in? Anyone want to come over and hang art?


  1. I can sure see the pull of a walk on the beach!

  2. When you figure out how to get boxes to unpack themselves, pass that knowledge on to me!