Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm not sure about you, but I am absolutely swooning over this amazing wall I saw over on My Best Friend Jules:

What an amazingly innovative way to use old drawers as art! Throw in some pretty drawer liners, wallpaper, or wrapping paper and you've got yourself one awesome focal point! Okay, so this is pretty similar to the box version Lindsay posted about in October, but since my walls are still bare in our apartment (I know, it has been months since we moved in...), I will take any motivation to decorate I can! I think this would be super awesome our living room and would give me a great excuse to buy some of that gorgeous paper and wrapping they sell at card shops. I always look at it and want to buy it, but $4 for a slice of decorative paper is a little too steep for my cheapskate ways. I figure if it is going to be immortalized as part of an amazing dresser drawer wall hanging masterpiece the $4 price tag is a steal right? What do you think? Anyone want to come over and hang things for me?

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  1. I live too far away! Plus you have a keener eye for things like this. I can't wait for to see what you do.