Saturday, November 19, 2011

Story of my life...

Yesterday my plan was to make a huge dent on my massive to do list! This is pretty much how it turned out:

Yup. Looks like I've got myself one heck of a head cold and my huge plans dwindled into just adding to that list instead of retracting from it. Good thing My Cardboard Life is there to explain things for me! I hope that today I will actually get around to a few of my to do list items (including finding all my wintry mittens and toques because it is getting chilly out!) or...I'll migrate to the couch and spend the day napping with tea. Either really works right? So how about you? How are you spending the weekend?


  1. i am going to write post. i better get that one thing done today. i'm becoming a terrible pen pal

  2. Napping with tea! Or doing a whole whack of things that are demanding and exhausting, like cleaning up after a whirlwind of a toddler. Those hide and squeak eggs make the hugest (and super fun) mess.

  3. Packing! And more packing! And working, because some silly boss decided I should be called in last minute to do a close!

  4. Napping and tea sounds good to me!

    I found this link that I thought you might like:

    I hope you get better soon ^_^