Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adorable Storage

When I came across these wonderful painted animal jars over on House to Home I knew I'd have to make some:

Seriously - what could be cooler? I can combine my love for mason jars (well, these ones aren't mason jars...but that is an easy modification), animals (especially bizarre coloured plastic ones), and storage! Hooray! Sure they use them for kid's stuff but I'm sure I could find a use for those in my craft room. Heck, if they turn out maybe I could use them to store pretty things in the living room (OoO I really like that idea)! And best of all? It is such a simple "will only take like a day to make" project! My fav!

After squeeling in excitement about this craft, I had a moment of deja vu. Perhaps I have blogged about this (and never ever got around to completing) this project before. I also figured I might have dreamed about blogging about them, which may sound like a pretty silly concept, but just so you know - I often have mundane dreams that I confuse with real life (which makes me sound extra crazy when I try to talk to someone about something that only happened in a dream). Well after searching back in the blog archives I don't see any technicolour animal topped jars - just a whole bunch of gold ones. Looks like I'm all about the painted plastic creatures! Check out these past posts:

1) Cupcake topper candle holders (which was actually written by Lindsay - but still counts in my books)

2) Faux gold dinos

3) Awesome gold dino terrarium friends

So many fun tutorials! I even attempted that last one (without the painting) and made a troop of coloured dino terrariums:

Yup, looks like I really like plastic animal projects. Do you ever find yourself craving the same sorts of crafts over and over again? Anyone else up for some adorable painted animal jar lids!?


  1. So cute! Leslie should do them for Jean. It would also be fun to look in toy stores for the plastic animals.

  2. I really want to make these! I would like to make a row of them for my craft room ^_^ And I love your plastic animal round-up!