Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot for Hot Pad Runner

I love looking in fabric stores. All the neat cotton prints and pattern you can find and all the fun colours usually fill my head with inspiration and make me want to sew up a storm! Of course, like most people out there, I don't exactly have unlimited free time for crafty projects, but a girl can dream can't she? I've been craving doing another quilting project (my first and only quilting project to date is a wall hanging I made for my mom a few years ago) but I want to start small. I'm not ready to commit to an actual bed size quilt - so maybe a nice table runner will do the trick! Well the ladies over at the Purl Bee have the perfect project! A quilted table runner that doubles as a hot pad:

It seems so obvious but is so unbelievable useful and brilliant at the same time! No longer do you have to puzzle fit in all those hot dishes and trivets on the table for big family meals, just stick them on your handcrafted hot pad table runner! Aha! Unfortunately, my current kitchen table is much too small to require this level of project (in fact, we barely fit more than two people at it) but I think this is a good idea to keep on the back burner (har har, terrible heat related pun) for the future! Heck, maybe I will even manage to make enough friends here that I will require a bigger table, but for now I'll stick to thinking about how awesome that project is! Oh! Also gives me an excuse to go quilt fabric shopping? What do you think? Anyone out there up for a trip to the fabric store?


  1. If only I were closer we could go shopping. I love going to fabric stores. I have a project on the go and Christmas is coming so I will be spending lots of time sewing. Hey, I should be sewing right now!!

  2. What an awesome idea! I also love your title and bad heat related pun! I will make one of these with you sometime. Maybe a Christmas themed one? Oh yeah, but you need to come here.