Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tips and Tricks from Pinterest

Just in case I haven't sold you on the awesomeness of Pinterest before - here are a few life changing things I've learned (and actually done) from the wonders of that site. Not only were they amazingly useful things to learn, but they all involved items I already had at home making them that much easier to try on a whim. Hooray! List time!

Pin #1: Hair Repair Treatment

I originally saw this pin on one of Lindsay's boards and decided to give it a try. Since I've been growing my hair out since moving to the coast I haven't had a trim in quite some time and needed a little hair deep conditioning! I made the concoction and decided to apply it in the bath. A note to the wise: do not get any apple cider vinegar in your eyes. I'm not sure how I managed that but boy did it burn. Ouch. Otherwise, the treatment worked really well and if you're okay with smelling like salad dressing for a while, it is well worth it! My crazy thick and coarse hair instantly felt much softer and controllable. Good job Pinterest!

Pin #2: Fixing furniture with walnuts!

I did this one back in September after our move, but it was so mind boggling I just had to include it in this list! This one is super easy too! Have scratches in your wood furniture? Just rub some walnut on them. Yup, that's it. I actually used crushed up walnut chunks from my morning oatmeal, but they still did the trick. Give it a try. You can literally watch the imperfections melt away. Sweet.

Pin #3: Removing old pit stains

I tried this one just yesterday, and believe me - I was doubtful. Since moving to Victoria I transferred to a new job in a store that is pretty hot and humid. I figured since it was the fall the room temperature would decrease once winter came, but nope. It is still a pretty warm location so the sweaters and long sleeves I'm used to wearing aren't an option. That also meant that I had temporarily retired my white polos to the bottom of the dress code pile since they're many years old and over time acquired their fair share of armpit stains. Since I can't wear a sweater over top to hide them, I figured I'd just be stuck in black. Alas. Enter Pinterest as a source of unlimited useful knowledge!

I've tried loads of different stain removers on my whites before (oxyclean, bleach, shout, magic wand - you name it) and nothing really did the trick. I figured a $2 bottle of hydrogen peroxide was an okay investment in this stain experiment since I already had the Dawn and baking soda. So - trial time! I mixed one tablespoon Dawn detergent in a glass bowl with two tablespoons of peroxide and a splash of baking soda. I mixed the solution up with an old toothbrush and rubbed some into the inside of a stained shirt. I scrubbed it in a bit, and continued on with each armpit of each shirt until my pile of whites were done (I actually had to remake the detergent/peroxide mix 3 times, so I guess I could have increased that a bit but oh well). I didn't see any amazing instant results (no, the stains did not disappear before my eyes like I heard they would) but I didn't really expect them to since 1) the stains were many years old and 2) I've tried loads of things before with no results. Oh well. I threw the semi-wet pile of whites into the laundry basket and waited an hour before taking them down to the laundry room to be washed. I decided to amp up the washing power a little bit extra by throwing a scoop of oxyclean in with the load. Now it was time to wait. Fraser diligently brought up the load of clean whites when it was finished and...the verdict? It actually made a difference! Seriously! The stains are completely gone on over half of the shirts and on the others they are barely noticeable. I figure I'll do another treatment next laundry day and my shirts will be like new! Amazing! I sort of wish I took before and after pictures, but honestly I don't want to show my dirty pit stains on the internet. Take my word for it though, it works!

So all in all, whether it be dry damaged hair, scratched antique furniture, or sweat stains - Pinterest has you covered. It's like it's an entire site of that awesome useful information you should have learned from your Grandma (or Wendy - she's full of useful tips)! So which one are you going to try? I'm dying to hear how it turns out! Anyone else have any awesome household tips and tricks to share?


  1. I have done the walnut trick before but I had forgotten about it. The other ideas look great as well. I just may try the out. Mom

  2. I tried the honey/nutmeg/cinnamon pin. It was amazing for redness and lasted most of the week. It was a little drippy, but totally work smelling like a gingersnap!

  3. Also, dish soap on grease stained clothing before tossing them in the wash will leave them as good as new!

  4. Lindsay's right. Dish soap gets rid of grease like nothing else. Does the pit stain stuff have to be Dawn, or would the Ivory dish detergent that I've got work as well? I guess there's only one way to find out...

    Another use for your bottle of peroxide could be to help get rid of ear infections. A friend of mine swears by it. She puts a few drops into her ear if she feels a cold coming on, lets it fizz until it stops fizzing (while holding her head on an angle so it doesn't drip out), and repeats with new peroxide until it doesn't fizz at all. I tried this, and although it hurt a little bit, it did help my ears clear up. She swears by it before a flight.

  5. The walnut trick worked! I have to admit I was amazed at the results. I am now curious if other varieties of nuts work and how permanent it is. Hmmmm....sounds like an experiment in the working! Now, I just need to try the other remedies, too :o).

  6. Oh, and as a side note...peroxide with dish detergent and baking soda works great to remove animal odor, such as cat urine. If you spray the mixture on the surface (to the soaking point) and let it dry, the smell will be significantly less if not completely gone when the item dries. I tried this on an unfinished handmade wooden kitchen set toy and it is as good as new! There was a little bit of white from the baking soda on the wood when it dried but it brushes right off.