Thursday, November 10, 2011

The consignment season is upon us!

If you hadn't noticed in the shops around your town, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Halloween is over and we're a hop skip and a jump from xmas meaning the shops are all dolled up in white and red glittery holiday decorations. It also leads to the pre-xmas rush of shopping and lots of wonderful requests for more stock in my consignment shops! How lovely! My progression from etsy selling, to craft shows, to actual shops has been gradual but boy is it ever awesome! I especially like to hear when someone has seen (or even better bought) one of my items from a shop I sell at! Hooray! I was very happy to see my big box of illustrated goodies were joyously welcomed over at Plush on Main Street in Vancouver! Just check out the pic they put on their facebook page:

Isn't that sweet of Brigitte? I've been extra busy over the last month whipping up all sorts of consignment goodies and have sent fresh batches of product to Funktional, Frock, and the Kamloops Art Gallery! Yipee! Oh! And I am even working on some items I'm getting the lovely pleasure of selling at my favourite fibre arts store here in Victoria. Here's to a happy holiday season! How are your xmas preparations coming along?


  1. I'm hoping to see all your new goods when I'm in Kelowna this weekend!

  2. I cant believe xmas is just around the corner! I have a LOT of work to do at school and a Lot of crochetting and sewing...I have a craft show in december and I feel like time is running out...
    I love that photo(: the little robot is so cute(:

    Have a lovely day kate!

  3. That is a super awesome photo! Your packaging is so professional! I think you should start selling at shops in Smithers. Just make a quick trip up here with a suitcase full of goods and start at 'er!