Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Even though we're half-way through November, you may have noticed that it also means that we are half-way through Movember. Yup, the mustaches are back and whether you can grow one of not, loads of men from all over are keeping their razors away from their upper lip for the month in support of finding a cure for prostate cancer! The mustache trend has worked its way into the crafty scene over the last few years to and I joined in by making my own collection of handsewn felt mustaches on sticks - in six delightful shapes to chose from:

These were a great hit at my first craft show in Kelowna about a year ago and have been a fun addition to my craft booth ever since. I whipped up a whole whack o' 'staches in the last few weeks to make one heck of a bouquet:

Haha! Who needs flowers when you can have a vase full of mustaches instead? Since I'm not signed up for any shows here in Victoria I've shipped all my little felt friends up to Frock Clothing in Kelowna for some consignment selling (hooray!). So just in case you're incapable of growing your own facial hair in honour of prostate cancer - you can always pick up a nice detachable one on a stick! Just check out these cute ladies from last year's festivities:

Adorable! Happy Movember everyone! Do you know any men who are hilariously attempting any fun facial disasters?


  1. Your Dad has tried to grow a mustash before but what he lacks on his lip he makes up for it everywhere else.

  2. Neal can't grow one either. (And he also has lots of hair everywhere else). Does that mean I married someone like Dad in hirsuteness? Is that even a word? Yikes!

    My favourite is the walrus stache. You know which one I mean, right? I can't believe you didn't add the shot of Jean wearing one of your staches!

  3. My attempts at moustachery just wind up being wispy. So I'm not partaking in the festivities this year. There are some crazy ones at my thrifty's, though!