Monday, November 28, 2011

Bob Progress

I haven't done an update on my dear house pal Bob (a.k.a my ficus) but I figured it was about time to share how he's doing since the move. About this time last year I decided I was ready to take on the house plant gardening adventure of a ficus and quickly fell in love with Bob. He was bright eyed and bushy and looked so nice sitting by my love seat:

I quickly learned that ficus' hate bursts of cool air and after quite a bit of balding, I relocated Bob to the book shelf across the room. It took him a few months to recover from the cold shock therapy I accidentally exposed him to and finally had a bit of regrowth:

I was a little doubtful he would make it during our move this past fall, and was extra worried at the state of my plants living in a rainy (and not very sunny) coastal city over the winter. Apparently my fretting was unnecessary since Bob seems to be loving his new central location on the little counter shelf between our living room and kitchen. Heck! He's even getting bushier! Take a peek:

Ok, so perhaps he isn't quite as full and lustrous as he was when I bought him from Art Knapps, but it has been a year and he isn't completely dead so I call that a success! Perhaps the humidity here will cause him to break out in leaves this spring and I can boast about my adorable plant Bob! How about you? Ever dabble in ficus growing? How do you help your house plants survive?


  1. I have a desk plant at my office. he does so well that I have had to split him and my have to do so again soon. I have been known to feed him filtered water and take a few moments each day to give him a little pet.

  2. haha you guys are great... I have successfully killed every plant I've ever owned.... I'm taking a break from plants til next summer.

  3. My ficus that Auntie Leslie bought for me in my first year of university is still alive, though not looking as good as it did when we lived in Queen Charlotte. Oh well.

    Nice pears! They look as though they're from the coolest store on the planet!