Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've Got Your Back

Kate is taking a sick day or two. Naturally, being one of her besties, I have her back and am writing a blog or two for her.
Now, back to business (I'm REALLY hoping Kate hasn't blogged about this). Have you ever heard of Ninainvorm? Oi! Don't ask me how to say it, but ask me how much I LOVE Nina's creations. Perhaps it is my love of Norwegian folklore ceramics, or maybe the primary colour combination with simple geometrics against the detailed designs.
Whatever the case, these plates bring the sunshine in and make all meal times happy!

Nina's blog is a delight. It is one of those blogs that makes me feel like I'm sitting in her house having tea. She is a 28 year old interior designer from the Netherlands who takes vintage (and new) ceramics and puts her own delightful twist on them. The down side? she lives on the other side of the world. If you ask me, on a scale of one to rebel shipping a piece of ceramic over the ocean is way too dangerous. Have no fear. For people like me she even has stationary! Hurrah!
Speaking of having tea with Nina, I think it is time for Kate's blueberry tea...
[I wrote this at night, I'm not drinking at 7am]

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