Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Doily

During my October of illness and blog breaking, I got the urge to take on a crochet project. I like picking up a hook once in a while, and I figured since I'm all about the doilies I may as well make one of my own! Take a peek at the finished piece:

I admittedly had to make, unpick, and re-make it at least two times before getting a hang of the pattern, but once I figured it out it was a breeze (well...a very time consuming breeze...). I'm not sure if you can get a sense of the scale with that first shot, so here's another for you:

Why yes! Those are my little white tootsies at the bottom there, and that is one giant doily! I bought the pattern reading that it was a "lap quilt" but unless I was miniature this project wouldn't keep me very warm (what kind of person wants a blanket that doesn't cover their feet anyways?). Not to worry - I still get to enjoy my homemade doily as he sits on the back of my stripey love seat:

Hooray! I'm so happy with how it turned out, even if the images of the ones they made using the pattern look much more professional:

The narrow back of that couch totally mislead me on how big this doily would be, but I figure I can always make another (with double thick wool and a big hook) for a more blanket sized version! If you're also rearing to get your crochet on you can pick up the pattern by buying the e-magazine Craft Sanity, or if you'd prefer a lazier approach you can buy pre-made ones in Good Knits etsy shop! Yay! What do you think? Have you made anything fun lately?


  1. I think it looks wonderful! I don't crochet very often but when I do I have to refer to a book on how to do the stitches. I wonder how long it has been since I crocheted something? A long time would be my guess.

  2. seriously? You made it? That is amazing...I think I speak for Leslie when I say that Jean would fit perfectly under that lap quilt (that is the first think I thought).
    I want to make that too, though I think I should stick to my cowls until I can at least keep my yarn untangled.

  3. LOVE! I've never made a doily! Yours looks great!!!

    I'm busy trying to finish some granny square blankets for presents!

  4. this is awesome kate! I really love it, and I really like yours better than the "profesional one". the color is perfect(:
    Hope youre having a lovely week(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  5. I don't turn on the computer for a few days and this is what I miss!?!?!?! Super cool!

  6. Wow - this looks amazing! Well done you! ^_^