Thursday, November 24, 2011

I need your help!

Happy Thursday blog friends! I've got a favor to ask all of you - so grab your thinking caps! We're doing a secret santa at work this year and of all the coworkers to be paired up with, I got stuck with the one coworker that is pretty much the polar opposite of me. Oh dear! The gift is supposed to be $10-$15 and I am stumped. Here's the details on my secret santa partner:

- He's a he (is it just me or are girls so much easier to buy for)
- He seems like the type of person who 1) watches Family Guy and 2) listens to Nickleback
- He is a good 4 years younger than me, making him 23
- Perhaps it's the age difference but he never gets any of my jokes or movies references (hence the polar opposite thing)
- and...well...that's about all I really know! He's a new transfer to the store as our assistant manager and I've only worked with him a few times.

Ack! I'm sure you can see my predicament! The xmas party is only a few weeks away but I am totally at a loss of what to get. The only thing I can think of is to make him a bacon ornament like the one I made for my xmas party last year:

All 23 year old guys like bacon right? But that isn't really enough as a present right? Maybe I could throw in a selection of mustache sticks? Or...a gift certificate (*cringe*)....

Yup, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! What would you get a young male manager you know nothing about? Inquiring minds want to know!

p.s. by the completely rare chance that my secret santa partner is reading this (you know who you are), sorry for spilling the beans on your present ideas...


  1. Hmm, tough one... I'd go with the 'gag' type gifts myself: maybe a bacon-shaped pillow? ...mustache sticks could be good? has anyone gleened any info on him that you could pick the brains of? I'll think on it some... Browsing the mens gifts ideas online might spark something too... Must fly!

  2. I agree with Beka- some thing 'gag' and fun...I would go with some type of computer accessory...I don't mean mouse pad, but at our secret santa thing last year somebody bought a usb powered electric globe (the things that make your hair stand on end). In any case, in my male dominated work place that was the much loved present that turned into our foose ball trophy. Other items that were a hit at the party- computer speakers and solar powered, dancing flowers/the Queen...Maybe I just work with HUGE GEEKS! I would start at visions, or Spencer (do they have one there?). Or maybe that toy store down town with the Fred key covers...the store across from that other store where we bought our bracelets and down from the soap place (am I on the right block?)?

  3. has fun stuff for guys (and girls, me included) like the ones Lindsay mention.

  4. tough one - what about alcohol? that always went well at the secret santas we'd do at work... or maybe some sort of a "meat basket" to go with the bacon? (like a fruit basket but with jerky & pepperettes)

  5. Beer and bacon? Maybe a nice selection of beers from across the world? Definitely the bacon ornament. It's so awesome. You should make two. Hint hint.

  6. Oh, he sounds like my brothers! Except my brothers are younger, being only 21. Last Christmas I brought beer glasses and etched things onto them. So far it is the only thing I have made for them that they actually like!

    I put mustaches on one set and an AFL Team logo on the other set. My brother-in-laws recieved the same thing, except one set was a brand logo and the other got his name (one letter on each glass).

    So maybe you could do that? You could etch bacon and then the ornament would be matching! That would be cool ^_^ I brought the glasses from K-Mart, which I don't know if you have over there, but a set of six glasses was only about $6, and the etching cream was a bit more expensive but it was a giant jar and I still haven't used all of it yet. Or you could use glass paint, which is a lot easier than etching cream and then you could have bacon which was a bacon-y colour ^_^

    Anyway, good luck with your presnt making!

  7. All good ideas above.

    My idea, bust out the polymer clay and make some magnets of family guy or one of the characters with funny quotes for the fridge like a Peter with "shut up Meg" and "there's a message in my alphabits" or Stewie cuz everything he says is awful and funny....