Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cathrineholm Candles

Are you familiar with Cathrineholm? Well, if you aren't you should be! Just like my love affair with pyrex, Cathrineholm proves how awesome vintage housewares can be! This Norwegian company is known for its iconic simple leaf like design and bold colours. Getting your hands on some of their original enamelware may be quite costly these days (their factory shut down back in 1970), you can grab your own piece of Cathrineholm-esque design by making these lovely candle holders courtesy of How About Orange:

Bring on the paper, exacto knife, and candle holders, this project is a sinch! I think these would be a wonderful addition to my current home, although I think morphing them into some sort of salt and pepper combo would be extra wonderful! Plus it will let me fondly remember the tacky wonderfulness of an era I never actually lived in. Wait...that doesn't work....but I do like those candle holders. What do you think of them?

1 comment:

  1. These are 100% not tacky and all wonderful. I'd totally make these with you when I come to visit. DONE.