Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paper Balls

When I saw this 3D paper ball ornament project over on How About Orange I was reminded of how fun it is to craft with paper:

Isn't that super neat? Just print out of circles, snip in a few fold lines, and voila! Your very own geometric wonderful ornament! My sister learned how to make these in elementary school and I recall her making one out of wrapping paper that my grandparents used to see when the furnace fan was on. We are on boiler radiators here, so no need to whip out the wrapping paper for some nostalgia, but I am particularly drawn to the white versions:

They are sort of reminiscent of pom poms don't you think? I love the shapes and shadows they cast and think these would be just lovely hanging in the empty space between our kitchen/dining area and the opening to the living room! OoO! Even better - could you imagine them in felt!!?! Oh I'm drooling with inspiration! What do you think? Anyone want to make some balls with me?


  1. Thanks for the memory. I had forgotten about those paper balls. Who knows I may even give them a go.

  2. I DO, I DO!!! I forgot about those too. They'd be perfect for my completely bare yet-to-be-cut-down Christmas tree. I'd better get cutting - might even be worth buying a punch, don't you think? I might even have time once I'm finished all my Christmas knitting...

  3. They look super cool! I bet they would look awesome in felt ^_^