Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Find: Rain!

Happy Friday! Today is my very last day of xmas vacation before returning to the working (very early in the morning) world and boy have I ever had a blast! Luckily the Kamloops weather was actually quite mild and pleasant during my little holiday but now that we're back in Victoria I am loving the warm temperatures and rain! In fact, I've been extra enjoying the wet weather here and spent the last few days browsing around downtown (with an umbrella, layers, and wellies)! Hooray! I figured since I seem to be so set on rain I'd share some with you:

Yay! Adorable rain themed buttons! Okay, so that is a little shameless self-promotion, but there is another precipitation related site I thought I'd link you to as part of my Friday find. If you're a rain lover (or just someone who needs some relaxing background noise) you must check out! Hurrah! Soothing rain sounds at your fingertips perfect for some soothing euphony while you sleep (and no actual rain required). Are you as excited as I am? How do you feel about the rain?


  1. Haha Dev actually has an app on his phone that has rain sounds for sleeping and waves and a creek and a thunderstorm and all sorts of other ones. I like the sound of rain when I sleep but it never seems to here...

  2. I am a fan of any type of precipitation that you don't have to shovel. Ugh.