Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tartan Scotty Dogs!

While searching through old posts from the Fossil Blog (which, I totally love btw), I came across these wonderful tartan wrappings and scotty dog ornaments:

After seeing these I promptly stopped by the fabric store to find a sad lack of anything tartan (at all). They didn't even have plaid flannel! Fabricland! What are you thinking? Oh well, looks like this will go on the back burner for next year. In the mean time I will continue loving everything Fossil comes out with (and their blog current obsessions) and keep dreaming of a reason to buy myself a third (this time in gold) Fossil watch....any suggestions? Can you get tartan fabric where you live?


  1. I would look in my stash but I can't get at it because of the material in there.

  2. I obviously love tartan. I mean, I even have tartan gumboots. I can probably get tartan fabric here. Don't get the watch! You won't need it once you have an iphone to tell time for you.