Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Need some nuts cracked?

My old boss Dean loves nutcrackers. Each Christmas he covers his piano with loads of festive nutcracker friends to make one impressive (and sort of creepy) holiday decor! Although I do appreciate their interesting detail and handcrafted appeal, I've never been compelled to jump on the nutcracker collecting train like Dean has. When I was busy swooning over the glittery platypus ornament from Curbly, I quickly got redirected to their simplified nutcracker post and fell in love! Take a peek at these lovely modern and minimalist crackers:

Oh ho! There is something to be said about stripping kitchy over detailed decorations into white spray painted simplified works of art! Looks like I've got yet another holiday craft to add to the list! I think a small grouping of these would be just perfect on our living room book shelf, but I think I'd rather skip the whole de-be-dazzling step and just spray some unpainted nutcrackers instead! I am fairly sure I've seen them at craft stores before, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled once xmas vacation rolls around! Just a few more days to go too! What do you think? Are you dreaming of a white nutcracker christmas?


  1. they're lovely! I still don't have the strength to crack a walnut. It's pathetic given that my surname is Armstrong.

  2. I'm not so sure about these. They remind me of lego a little too much when they're all white. I think I like bedazzling nutcrackers more. Or nutcrackers shaped like squirrels. Or bacon. Maybe you could make me one of those? Hehe!