Thursday, December 29, 2011

take a bow.

As I grow older, I find my person style keeps morphing. Although I have always been fond of certain looks (usually geeky ones involving lots of layers), I am constantly drawn to a wardrobe full of handmade accessories and no better way to build on that than making my own set of felt bows! I attempted making a few of these a while back (sans tutorial and pattern) and although I did come up with a few bow like creations, they were far from perfection. Not to worry crafters! The ladies from Oh So Lovely (courtesy of my girl thursday) are here to fill in the blanks! Just check out these gems:

Okay, so it is very doubtful I'd go with the pale pink and brown combo, but perhaps some nice jewel tones would go nicely with my current closet. Maybe I could even turn one into a black hairband and sport it at work (oOoOo what a risk taker I am)! Although I doubt I'd go very big as far as the hair accessories go, I do think these would make lovely brooches and look extra fabulous clipped on a scarf. What do you think? Have you ever dabbled in bow making?


  1. I haven't dabbled, but I am tickled by your title for this post. Hee hee hee! Good one!

  2. They are really pretty! Although, same as you, I'd go with some jewel tones instead ... or black! When in doubt, I go to black. This means that when at work, I often look a bit funerally coloured so I do have a large selection of bright brooches and hair accessories to keep it a bit happier ~_^ I have a giant black bow that I wear clipped on to the side of my black crochet beret - it's perfect for winter and bad hair days! I think it works because it's pretty close to my hair colour which negates it's hugeness somewhat ...

    Ooo, sorry for the massive comment, but I have one more thing to say: I haven't commented for ages because I've been a bit poorly but I have finished reading my backlog on Google Reader and I really enjoyed ALL of your posts ^_^