Monday, December 5, 2011

The house plant saga continues...

A few days ago, I spilled all the details on my continuing struggle keeping Bob (my ficus) alive. I am certainly not born with a green thumb and although I very much enjoy having house plants, I am miserable at making them thrive. When Fraser and I moved to the coast I was quite worried my sun loving cacti wouldn't survive and that our rainy apartment living just wouldn't give my wee plants enough rays. We decided to maximize their chances of survival by building a simple shelf by the patio window to let all my lovelies soak up any available sunshine:

Perhaps not the most glamorous of shelving units, but it does the job! I even picked up a few full spectrum light bulbs from Lee Valley and put them in the multi-directional floor lamp to give them an extra little boost (well...when the light is on anyways...). I think my plants look extra happy on their shelves and when the sun shines in they just gleam:

As it turns out, the shelf and sun bulb combo seems to be working better than expected and Hamish (the nice tall cacti) has out grown the 3rd shelf:

A little rearranging was in order, but now the spacing of the shelves does seem a little silly. I just can't believe how much Hamish has grown! Here he is when I got him last spring:

He barely grew a centimeter in the many months of Kamloops summer sun and heat and as soon as we came to Victoria...

Bam! Inches of cacti growth! Do you see the lighter green bits at the top? Hamish has skyrocketed a good 10cms since the move and just keeps going! Soon I think he'll have to be moved to yet another new location! Hooray! Apparently my darling little plant babies are surviving on my "completely forget about them for a while and then water sporadically" method of indoor gardening. Huzzah! How about you? What are your tips for rockin' indoor greenery?

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